like fire flies

With the nonstop 95+ degree weather that Seoul has been experiencing, I chose after dark hours to check out what Han River fishing had to offer.  Unfortunately, many people in my area must have had the same thought, as the river bank was full of people fishing, drinking, grilling meat, and more drinking.  There was a lot of people fishing, so many that it took me a while to find a spot to squeeze into.  The calm water surface was full of glow in the dark strike indicators, like fireflies in a field.  I saw a couple of people pull up smaller carp but nothing really significant.  There were also some people casting the long rods, likely aiming for eels, a prized catch here.  This was close to 1am so I was surprised to find so many people cooling off at the river bank in the middle of the week.  I know if I time this right there are some big fish to be caught here so I will keep trying my luck. 

Most of my friends don't like to fish the Han because it's not crystal clear waters and the chances of it being populated is high.  Still I like the thought of having a place close by that I can cast a line and catch a fish.  Plus I like being close to people who are just out there enjoying their tax money at work.  That is one thing I will miss greatly about the Midwest, the countless number of small bass and bluegill lakes.


  1. Just completed our trip today. 여기서 낚시할때 너가 많이 생각나더라. 꼭한번 같이오자.

  2. 꼭 그렇게 하자. 멋진 사진들 기대 된다.