Hike, Spey, and Brook Trout

To better my new found casting skill, I've visited the nearest Catskills river so I can practice. Wasn't quite sure how the water level will be due to recent thunderstorms we've had  so catching wasn't priority.  However, packed my trusted 1wt rod for the hike as this river contains a few small but very productive brookies tributaries.

 As expected, the water level was a lot higher than usual but didn't have trouble finding a spot to practice the casting with my new 12' 4" 8wt spey rod.
Tried to bring out my new muscle memories I've imprinted in my body a few weeks ago but wasn't easy. Took awhile to get used to deeper and fast running water than what I was accustomed to but after a few hours of practice, I was able to develop somewhat satisfying result and decided to visit my little friends.
The water level on this small creek also was high but due to so many pools created by it's steep terrain and boulders within, didn't seem like fishing will be effected by it.  
 Started to fish with the Ausable bomber pattern as I would always do for this type of water but wasn't able to bring any of them to the surface.  I've noticed a few sulfur looking flies hovering around so I tied something similar to it and the game was on!
Almost every pool produced a trout or two.  Recently added green canopy must have been a confident booster for the trout to make such big splashes while taking my flies.
I don't think I've ever caught a brown in this creek but today
I was greeted by this small fella.


Caddis Hatch

A couple of weeks ago, I was taking spey casting class and I was lucky enough to see the hatch in none other than Beaverkill.