Small Fish Afternoons

I went out to a couple of my favorite lakes this weekend. I fished with my 4wt fly rod, catching mostly small striped bass, blue gills, and a baby largemouth bass. It was good practice to find my casting rhythm again, and the sense of fish at the end of my line. The striped bass are always a joy to catch as they give a good tug for their size, and the blue gills were fat and healthy. There was a little rain over the weekend, but it was short and there was enough clear weather for some fun local action. I also tried out my $5 cane rod I picked up, just for the hell of it. It was surprisingly refreshing fishing without a reel, just simple rod, line, and a cheap foam billy boy bobber. I don’t think I’d be able to catch anything sizeable on it without snapping it in half, but then again it will be a fun challenge to see what is the largest fish I can bring up on this simple rig. I can feel summer around the bend, and it’s time for some good warm water bass action. It’s nice being able to go out fishing without 3 layers of pants.

* the turtle was not part of my fishing, it was just sitting there enjoying the sun.


damn, Charles!

I think my friend has won the lottery and forgot to tell me. Here he is, fishing again at Turks & Caicos and on his boat in NYC. Does this guy ever have to work? I still wish I was with him, fishing. Beautiful fish Charles! Keep reeling them in, and don't forget to take me with you next time.