1st Taiwan Fly Casting Workshop!!

This weekend, we invited Raffaele Mascaro, a Board of Governor and Master Casting Instructor of Federation of Fly Fishers, to be our instructor.

This is the first time we have this kind of workshop here, but it won't be the last time. We will keep invite some other experts to be here.
Thank you Raffaele, you let us see what is truly fly casting!!


Colorado...see you soon.

first visit to mrLee's home state for me... very excited about the trip to the legendary state. Any advice on flies or other will be appreciated.


Best of salt and fresh water

Best catch from recent trips.

sorry about the dress code...wanted to get rid of the farmer's tan.

a brown with exceptionally beautiful red hue


2011, .... summer vacation at okinawa in japan

our family spent a holiday by the seaside
at okinawa in japan.

the Renaissance hotel

she is my wife.

my son(right) and his cousin.

..... at Italian Restaurant.

on the fishing boat, early in the morning

...was waiting to go.

..... Then he caught fish.

I caught maguro, gasuo, and buri.

it was so big, about 60cm, 1m ....

I almost caught a big GT, but lost it

.... had a fantastic summer vacation.

symbol of okinawa, lion...


a Midwestern morning.

Headed up to Lake Delavan in Wisconsin with our old buddies David & Ross. It was treacherous but beautiful. Hard thunder storm, baby northern pikes, small & large mouth, and plenty of blue gills. It was good catching up, getting soaked, and feeling summer passing us by.




Took the boys out to Blue River in Wisconsin. We initially headed up to the Big Green but was overwhelmed with the amount and thickness of the wild bushes. It's somewhat manageable for an adult but for the kids, they were swamped and could not navigate. It's amazing how different the place looks from the colder seasons - which is nice. The river was flowing low and the fish seemed to have been seasons to the bright sunlight and many fishermen trying to fool them. They seemed highly sensitive, scattering away very far away. We fished until we felt like, which was pretty short on this day. We decided to enjoy the river and just waded around a bit and found some rocks to sit on. We caught a few creek chubs and a small, single trout. I stood around with the kids, thankful to see them enjoying themselves in nature. Fish or not, it seems there is no such thing as a wasted fishing trip, with the kids.

There was a nice bench planted at the edge of the parking lot ...had a nice sign on it. I guess for a fisherman, that is one of the most wonderful thing friends can do for you...even the design is perfect for sitting to get in/out of waders. Things like this gives me hope in us.


son's first cherry trout.

I took my son to my favorite fishing spot in Korea. He caught his first cherry trout on a fluffy CDC caddis fly in small pocket. We were initially nymphing but when we saw couple of fish go after the indicator, we switched to fluffy dries. We fished for only 4 hours but managed to catch plenty of cherry trout and some rainbows. On the drive back, my son said to me that the reason he likes fishing is mostly because he gets to spend time with me... I need to do more things with my two sons that is not fishing.

Thanks for being so honest with me son.