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When we first got Tia 14 years ago, we realized that she was an athletic dog at this particular hiking trail as we watched her run and exploring the trail. At that time, I never knew this trail and the creek in it contains wild trouts as I wasn't into fishing.

It was nice to be back and enjoy once again with the whole family.

This is Tia 14 years ago...

Tia 14 years later...bit more white hairs but still loving the outdoor.


  1. Very nice location. I tell you there seem a lot of nice creeks in east cost. I miss being in small creeks. I think, there are a lot less small creeks here in CA.

  2. you want some nice little creeks? head up to yosemite and go rainbow fishing

  3. We call ourselves members of this particular fishing club but yet to have any official fishing trips yet. Hello Mr. Club president! Are you hearing this? Yosemite! Rainbow!

  4. 계곡이 그리 크지는 않지만
    작은 송어와 꽃을 보니 참 정겹게 느껴지고, 그리고 사랑하는
    사람과 함께 하시는 모습이 무엇보다 보기 좋네요.

    늘 부럽습니다....ㅎㅎ

  5. Hey guys, I have an idea - how about going to Yosemite to catch rainbows in the fall? The idea just came to mind ;-)

    Let's start figuring out dates and details. Also, we need to start planning an Asia trip for next year or early winter this year. Mrlee, Soboro,& Joon all in Seoul...Ksanchun will visit Seoul in the fall, so if Charles & I go, we have a good bunch. If Hank or Caddis can join, then we have a complete set. Let's discuss.

  6. Charles, I thought you were the president? who are you talking to?