This is brilliant. I can imagine a video like this for when I arrive at my fishing spot and the parking lot if full of cars. Check out more at: ''


Jazz & Fly fishing

I really like these guys, they seem to have the right approach to life. good vibes. Check out more at:

Northern Exposure pt II: Trout Latency from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.


air fly fishing

There's another guy who does the air fly fishing... much better than me.

Boating is fun

Being on a boat is fun. Using my new Boga Grip is fun. Watching kids have a great time is fun.



Yesterday trip can be described as "it doesn't get any better than this" kind of trip. The beautiful spring weather mixed in with all kinds of hatching made this trip perfect. Got to my favorite creek early in the morning and noticed I am the only one who was about the wet my line...
Sweat from hiking was wick away by nice cool breeze.
Big boys are out!  I don't think I've ever caught so many big wild trouts like this before. If you can consider 11 inches as a big trout...
If you ever run into an injured owl, just let it be.  My good intention was met with alot of wing flapping and a pair of claws.
Seriously, this is nature at its best. It's like a beatiful painting.
This seems like a yearling, yet fully developed but has a great foundation to be a beatiful trout later on.


Spring has come in korea

spring has come in korea,
I met some cherry trout...


rough fish love

I thought this was pretty good. From the site dedicated to rough fish love. Check out more at:



Big fish all around.

Here are some bigger fish recently from Spider Fly Shop. ( They seem to specialize in two handed rods and gear and usually after bigger fish in bigger waters. Nice to see some good sized fish from South Korean waters.

스파이더 사장님께: 싸이트를 보다가 멋진 사진들이 있어, 저희가 글쓰고 있는 블로그에 무단사용 했습니다. 허락도 없이 무단 사용한것 대단히 죄송합니다.(불편하시면, 바로 내리겠습니다 - 편하게 말씀해 주세요). 최윤호.


Big Fish in a Small Creek.

I was looking through the Freestone fly shop site ( with whom our friends Mr. Bae, Dr. Shin, and Prof. Huh recently went fishing with. Once in a while the small streams will produce a big fish and this one that she's holding fits that description well. Nice fish in a small mountain creek. Seems like our friends did pretty good that day as well.

프리스톤 사장님께: 얼마전 신박사님 과 같이 낚시를 다녀 오셨다고 듣고, 프리스톤 싸이트를 보다가 멋진 사진들이 있어, 저희가 글쓰고 있는 블로그에 무단사용 했습니다. 허락도 없이 무단 사용한것 대단히 죄송합니다. 서울에 가서 직접 인사드리고 다시한번 사죄를 하겠습니다. (불편하시면, 바로 내리겠습니다 - 편하게 말씀해 주세요). 최윤호.


Betting Result

A good friend of mine and I had a bet on whether or not the Lucite (acrylic glass) can be drilled with a power drill. As a part of betting process, I've made the following display with a golden stonefly.

As a gloating winner, I proudly present "a fly on a drilled Lucite base".


My 2nd Merced River Trip:

I went to Merced River near Yosemite past weekend with Stephen Lee who I met through Orvis seminar series. Morning was slow due to high cold water, but we were able to see some
rainbows after moving to lower section of the river. It was my first fly trip this year and I had a wonderful time. Thanks Stephen for driving, lunch, and sharing great fishing locations.