Spring trout with the kids.

I spent a lazy Saturday up at Blue River with the kids. We meant to head out early, but ended up sleeping in and got there in the afternoon. Knowing that we would only get a few short hours to fish, I asked the kids before we left if they still thought it was worth driving all the way there. Both answered "yes!" without hesitation. I think getting off to a late start allowed me to get fishing off my mind and just focus on making sure the kids had a good time.

Saturday was beautiful, a slight overcast with a spring breeze. It was warm enough to walk around without a jacket, and the water was running nicely. The air smelled of the mint growing all around us and at that moment, I knew that the mint scent will always remind me of Wisconsin fishing. I put my younger son on a simple cane rod with a bead nymph at the end of the line. The rod is long enough that he just needs to dip the fly into the spot he wants, without a reel or line to fuss with. My older son worked his fly rod with a nymph and San Juan worm combo I tied on for him. They both hooked plenty of fish but managed to land only a couple. This time, I sat back and let them hook and lose their fish on their own. Sitting back and watching, I hoped that they will grow into fine fishermen... deep appreciation for God's work, Unfaltering sense of hope, and an ability to tell a excellent lie.

We hope to get back up here again real soon.


  1. I'm so glad that you were able to go out there with your boys. I love the last pictures of the boys. It represents them very well.

  2. Thanks man, kids had a good time and so did I. Jsy still asks time to time about the 멍멍이 삼춘, when he will go to see him again. That summer left a lasting memory with them for sure. 그 여름 생각하면 아직도 너와 신선씨에게 고맙다, 정말 좋았어.

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  4. looks great! love that cane rod! hope you guys are hitting it hard before you move!

  5. we're gonna try. Did you go to Hawaii yet? I am waiting for them photos of you with the Aloha bone fish.