bass lovin

Can't wait till early spring. I love this video.

wooden lenok

Found a Korean website with a nice set of instructions on how to carve your own wooden lenok. There’s other crafty stuff there related with fly fishing like paintings, framed boxes, & even a clay figurine...sort of an odd mix. I’d still like to buy & own some of this stuff.


the charmer

hard transition

After experiencing Georgia last week, the transition to walking through ice, clinching my hands ten times so I can tie a knot, and hooking smaller fish is not easy … I woke up early and took a quick walk through local waters. I managed to find this cute fish after a couple of hours. Looking forward to the early season opener on the 6th.

need a hand? get a FlyteDeck

I've had trouble finding where to purchase this but looks like it would be useful especially when changing flies/ rigs standing in water.

Jay Morr - photography at it's best

Can't get much better than this. Flyfishing photography at it's best. Check out more at:


Georgia On My Mind.

CharlesTheFishFinder's Thursday fish.

1 week ago: Charles & I’ve been pretty stressed out with work during these past few months and we needed to get away to throw a little line. Naturally we looked into the Southern States, and we came across some information that Georgia had good trout waters, which was something we didn’t expect. We booked some flights and packed our gear but winter said no. It grounded thousands of flights across the Northern States and we weren’t going anywhere. Pretty bummed, the only thing we could do was to push it back a week. We patiently waited the week out… cautious both at work and at home so that there’s no hiccups to our plans. When we heard there might be some snow on the way, we both confirmed with each other that we would drive there in the worst case – 15 hour driving wasn’t going to stop our trip.

This week: Well all I can say is - For a state that has the largemouth bass as the state fish, Georgia sure had some nice trout to be caught… You ever come across the web sites that advertise the dudes holding the big trophy fish? You know the trips where the guides start the morning off by saying “Guys – let’s catch some big fish today.”… Most of these sites merely advertise, and a very few deliver. I can tell you for sure, Capt. Kent Klewein of Reel Job Fishing ( ) delivers… big time. Not only is he one of the most professional guides we’ve met (raising our standard of how a pro guide works), he quickly tunes his guiding to match your fishing skills – making sure you get the fish on, and learn a lot along the way. Kent is a native of largest state, east of the Mississippi River, he’s been guiding the waters of Georgia and surrounding states for over a decade now. I’m usually pretty stubborn when it comes to fishing, likes to do things my way – but by the middle of the day – I was doing exactly what Kent was coaching me to do. Because when I did, I consistently end up with a big fish at the end of my line… at the end of the day, you know it’s a good thing when your arm hurts from wrestling big fish all day. Kent made fishing these technical waters seem easy and certainly knew exactly where the big fish sat.

We fished the first & third day with Kent, and went up to North Carolina to fish on our own on the second day (to a spot Kent showed us). It was certainly colder up in North Carolina, plus we were inside a gorge where the sun only shined for a short time during the day. It was very scenic and the fishing was great. We pretty much lost count of how many fish after first 10 fish, and from then on it was pure bonus fishing. Who knew that Georgia would be such a great spot to fish for trophy trout… it’s not easy to stay three days and have all three days turn out to be fantastic. They tell us that the spring, summer dry fly fishing is amazing in Georgia and we look forward to that soon. I’m back home now and even the snow that’s coming down pretty hard outside doesn’t seem all that bad today.

Check out for a wealth of information & book yourself a trip.

North Carolina

Just happy to be out there

When I was in eastern mountain area this weekend, I saw a little bit of water and had to go down to cast a few. I wasn't able to meet any fish, but I was happy to throw the line. I was just happy to be out near water waiting for Spring season.


The last and unforgetable winter trip

I visited eastern part of Korea this weekend. The weather was terrible to move about, but my wife and I enjoyed the details of winter.



show must go on

Yes, it is not wild. But you've got to be out there...



I'm Happy so very Happy!

Went out to KLG today. Entire gorge is covered with knee deep snow. Able to catch three rainbows. Giggled like a little girl on the way home.