Nymphing the big river

Midweek, during a meeting with a client of mine, a sudden urge came over me.  The urge to swing my wet or nymph flies down stream and see the flyline cross the seam and feel the tug... So on Saturday, I went to the Neversink gorge to satisfy my tugging urge.  I realize that I haven't fished sub surface flies for awhile and explains the emotional outburst.

Pulled into the parking lot around 5am and was still dark. Then found out that the batteries for my headlamp are dead.  Purely based on visual impairment, I've waited impatiently patiently until I was able to see the trail.
 It was a nice feeling focusing only on fishing and not negotiating any tree branches while casting.  Fishing in very rocky open water can be a little more challenging compared to tight quarters of small streams I've been accustom to but after a couple of nose dives into the water, I've became very comfortable.

 The tugging was there for me! Started with the three fly rig and a beautiful brown graciously tugged my line.

 Throughout the whole trip on the gorge, I haven't seen a single fisherman.  It was eerie but nice feeling to have the entire gorge all to myself.

 I couldn't pass on an opportunity to fish the small stream that feeds into the river so I rigged my 1wt rod and the feeling of familiarity settled in and made me more at ease.  

 The brook is tinted with dark copper color and the inhabitants reflects the color of the water.

I was able to finish the trip with the spectacular view of the waterfall. Great day!

Some additional photos...

From the recent trip.


Low waters, hoppers, and season to come.

Got out fishing with Jonathan, Dr. Shin, and Mr. Choi again.  The fish were super sensitive with the lower waters and it took some time for me to adjust and approach more discreetly.  There's something nice about the fact that four guys can sit around and talk about the buoyancy effects of feathers from a duck's ass (cul de canard).  Fishing was tougher with the lower waters but I think all of us did pretty good with catching fish, and after the relatively easy fishing during the monsoon season, it was nice to up the challenge a little.  Dr. Shin revealed to us his tying techniques on CDC mayflies over a great lunch.  It's good for us middle aged guys to sit around and talk about fish, flies, and seasons to come.  Fall is approaching and good fishing as well.  Looking forward.


Fresh water Bone

About 2 years ago, some of my fishing buddies find a new spot in the downtown where can catch this kind of fish stably. This fish will feed at night like 9pm and it fights very hard. Hardly to pull a 30cm up fish back with my 4wt rod... Fishing at night with a fly rod is really a fresh experience, everyone should try once. Btw, I call this fish "fresh water bone", check how sexy it's lip is!

Hank, here is a photo of a Korean nu-chi (photo from spiderfly).


Sunday morning trout in Korea

Got out to the creek with Jonathan and Soboro. It's been a long time since we fished together so it was nice talking during the car ride and watching each other fish.  We did okay, catching a few nice cherries and some smaller rainbows.  It's nice being out, enjoying mid summer fishing with friends.  I messed around with my Tenkara rod, which proved to be too long for the small creek.  I wished there were more days like this.