Low waters, hoppers, and season to come.

Got out fishing with Jonathan, Dr. Shin, and Mr. Choi again.  The fish were super sensitive with the lower waters and it took some time for me to adjust and approach more discreetly.  There's something nice about the fact that four guys can sit around and talk about the buoyancy effects of feathers from a duck's ass (cul de canard).  Fishing was tougher with the lower waters but I think all of us did pretty good with catching fish, and after the relatively easy fishing during the monsoon season, it was nice to up the challenge a little.  Dr. Shin revealed to us his tying techniques on CDC mayflies over a great lunch.  It's good for us middle aged guys to sit around and talk about fish, flies, and seasons to come.  Fall is approaching and good fishing as well.  Looking forward.


  1. 니 얘기도 많이 했다. 보고싶다, 이제 곧 가을이고 낚시하기 좋은 계절 온다...그냥 이코노미 타고 낚시대만 들고 달려 와라.