Standing in Diamond Lake, watching the sun set, it's a wonderful thing to do. This is one of those moments you find a little space, in between everything, looks a little like an oasis from daily routine. Believe it or not, hooked two huge bass, and lost them because my knot was not good enough. Took the fly and tippet with it.


Captain B.

Captain B. throws a line down at my favorite lake and pulls out several large mouths in couple of hours. He put that super light weight rod to good use today. Good catching & good catching up, excellent day.


difficult day

Even when fishing, there are the days when everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. I had one of these shit days recently and it sucked. I got out to fish, everything seemed fine. Line ready, tied one of my favorite flies on, made the smooth cast and..and..and… crap the fly is stuck on the tree behind me on my first swing back. The fly was not only stuck where I could not reach it, it was stuck for good. The only thing to do was to break off the line, and in doing so, I slipped on the mud below my feet and soon I was on my back. I gather myself and tied on another fly. I was able to make the cast forward, but then CRAAAAAAAP! this time, the fly was stuck on the tree out in the water. No waders, too deep, I was going to have to break off the line again. I smell something funny and I look down to realize that the mud I slipped in wasn’t all mud. I feel on my back onto a pile of duck shit, and it smelled bad. I decide that this spot that looked so promising wasn’t going to work out so I walked out to a more open area. I made a few casts as I walked out and managed to hook on a small bass. Out in the open, I was feeling a lot better, except I smelled like duck shit. I wasn’t able to catch anything prize worthy, but I did catch a few bass and a lot of blue gills and crappies. I have to applaud for the blue gills & crappies, when you’re not catching much these guys will save you the shame of being totally skunked. I got home, I had a headache, and my legs hurt from the fall. I figure, sometime you have to have one of these to be able to appreciate the good ones. Plus, of fishing is still pretty good compared to many other things in life.

Passion for Trout

Most of our friends are beginners to the world of fishing but some of us have picked up fishing with a fury. We’ve all been through this stage in one form another, but it’s when we think about fishing, dream about fishing, and our life schedule pretty much revolves around our fishing schedule. A close friend of my has only recently picked up fishing only a year ago, but has made more progress than I have done in the past 3 years. He’s determined to gear himself up in the finest equipment (he says it cheaper than drinking & more action than golf :-) I greatly enjoy his company when we fish, and he often catches more fish than the rest of (his subtle but rub it in our face question says it all – “so you catching anything? Maybe you should cast a little further…there”). He has also become a pretty serious fly tier and he’s going through thread like he’s running a embroidery shop. His passion is an inspiration to all of us, a true four seasons angler.

Manchurian trout

Jonathan with a nice Manchurian trout from Eastern Korea. These guys will grow to sizes of up to 70cm (28inches).


New FSAC logo.

New logo for Four Seasons Angling Club is born. Patches and stickers to go out soon. Hoodie in production.

what it’s about.

I fish for many reasons, but the good friends I fish with is the main reason. Fishing with someone is a strange evolution that is quite unpredictable, much like fishing itself. Being close when not fishing does not automatically mean you are compatible when fishing, even if the interest level and style is similar. Very rarely, there are friends that enjoy each other’s company both on and off the water. I found this great picture that tells it pretty good.

"The solution to any problem -- work, love, money, whatever -- is to go fishing, and the worse the problem, the longer the trip should be." --John Gierach


Charles the fish finder finds fish

Charles hooked up this weekend, hitting the variety jackpot. He wet his lines in salty and not so salty waters, and found a bunch of different fish. The bluefish and the striper are impressive, the trout are always pretty, and some shark to test your fish handling skills. Hell, seems the mix even included some rays & feisty little sunfishes. I expect to see a lot of fish pictures coming from the east coast in the following months. Keep em coming Fish Finder!


just fishing

No matter how grand things seems and no matter how important various issues seem – sometimes I want fishing to be just about fishing and nothing complex beyond that. I don’t fish to be a better or more responsible person, I fish to catch fish and feel good about fooling the fish to take my lure. I don’t fish to make a political point, I fish because I want to feel the satisfaction of feeling the fish making the run at the end of the line. Some days, I want fishing to be simply about fishing and nothing more.

My friend sent these photos of his recent trip & the pretty trout he caught. Thanks.


if you love them, set them free

The Rainbow Fly Fishing Club in Seoul stocked Kang Won Do’s - DuckPoong Valley with 20,000 native Cherry Trout this week. Rainbow Fly in cooperation with SamChuck government fish hatchery, KaKok district office, and the good people of DuckPoong Village coordinated & participated in this meaningful event. Rainbow Fly also designed and produced new fishing regulation signs for the area and installed them that day. This is the first of several Cherry Trout stockings that Rainbow Fly is planning in the KangWon area. The SamChuck government fish hatchery has been in operation since 1967, and is considered one of the leading institutions in preservation of Korean creeks and native fish. Some days, you are just happy to be proud of a great team. I am. Go Rainbow Fly!

pike...get the net!



chunky gill

A chunky little blue gill showed up at the end of my line. Then a little bass showed up with backdrop of psychedelic sunlight behind it…


more from Ramapo River, NY

Charles went out for a quickie this afternoon and caught a few pretty rainbows and some creek chubs. It’s really nice that this river is so close to where my friend lives, so nice to have rivers close by to catch trout.


Jackson Hole One Fly - winning flies 20 years

These are the winning flies that took the 1st place throughout the years. Check out more details about Jackson Hole One Fly Event at: