most awesome fly box

I saw this on Moldy Chum, and I must say this is the most awesome fly box I have ever seen. I’d buy one in an instant if I could just find out where I can find one. Very nice indeed.

frozen over

Finding streams with open waters during the middle of winter is not easy. Waters have long been frozen shut here in the Midwest and it’s pretty much the same in eastern Korea. Fortunately, there are trout ponds for these harsh winters, and they keep that water moving and from freezing. I just located a few trout farms up north in Wisconsin and plan to pay them a visit sometime next week. My friends in Korea have found their own trout farms, not too far from Seoul. The pond types are fairly common, but they found one where the town actually regulates a section of the river and allows anglers to fish it, for a fee of course. Yes, fishing these ponds are somewhat unnatural and awkward at times, but in the dead of winter – you force yourself to look beyond that. For that short moment when the fish is at the end of your line, you are somewhere else.