Tiger Woods, the fly fisherman

So cool that Tiger slings bugs. The article goes....

Tiger Woods has reportedly been gearing himself up for the forthcoming British Open with some fly fishing in Ireland, which is one of his favourite spots to enjoy the pastime.

The 31-year-old star spent last week practicing at the K Club in County Kildare prior to what he hopes will be a successful four rounds at the Hoylake course in Royal Liverpool.

Woods also indulged in a spot of fly fishing three years ago prior to the Open at Sandwich, an event which was eventually won by his countryman Ben Curtis.

It is believed that the ten-time major winner owns some 17 fishing rods and reels with which to fuel his love of fly fishing, with another of his favourite spots being Alaska.

One of the other major winners who has become magnetised to the charms of fly fishing in recent years is US golfer Mark O' Meara.

Other ways to catch fish...


brook trout ... now in color

The beautiful form of nature:

I was walking the dog this morning and saw many acorns lying on the street fell from the dry fall trees. I picked some of them up to see since they had kind of familiar shape. I was thinking what if I paint the acorn cap to fluorescent color and use it as indicator. Since the bottom had the natural color, the trout in the creek will be less cautious.


In search of new fishing spot

As a fisherman, I am always in look out for new fishing spots. One of the website to do such research is the state website (NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation). The website contains stocking schedule and the amount of fish they stock per season. I was browsing through their website and found this small creek (Mill Creek) literally right next to my property in Adirondack. They stocked 3500 brook trout this year in that small creek.

Mill Creek offers native brook and stocked trout fly fishing. Mill Creek has a very healthy trout population even though it is very small creek due to heavy stocking and hold overs.

The water level was very low. It was my ankle level with alot of pools behind the rocks. It was extremely difficult to wade around the creek. I really didn't have any opportunity to fish in small creeks and it was nice change of scenery. I've caught 6 brookies in two days and took alot of pictures but my camera crapped out on me and can't read the images once got home. But as you can see from my picture, they were beautiful fish.


super cool

This is the guy who brought me to the world of fly fishing...

Ayyyyyyy… “The Fonz” was a fly fisherman.

Arthur Fonzarelli or better know as “the Fonz” was a fly fisherman. Mr. Henry Winkler has been the ultimate symbol of cool, and remains so with all the awesome work he is still doing making movies, books, and in particular work with children. His favorite instrument is a Winston, he mends in his sleep, and describes fly fishing to be like a washing machine for your brain. He was, is, and will be the icon of cool. So the next time you are out on the waters, perhaps frustrated because you're not catching, just think - what would fonzie do?


two fish

that I had the fortune to meet today.


Scratching the itch

Just got back from the Beaverkill. My god, it is getting cold. I couldn't wade once sun went down. I guess fall season is officially started...

The river was very clear and low as it can be. The condition gave me a good opportunity to fish some of the spots i couldn't fish before.

Beautiful day....


Dry Fly Distilling

from -

"A few years ago, we were knee-deep in the Gallatin River, just outside the lie on a scenic bend. It was still early and the sun was rising slowly behind the alders. It occurred to us how privileged we are to live, work and fish in one of the most amazing places on Earth. We felt so fortunate that we wanted to find some way to share the natural beauty and purity of the great Northwest. What better way than by producing fly fishing-inspired distilled spirits, made from only the purest locally grown ingredients? Heck, even the name sort of presented itself."

Prince Fly – Salt Water Action!

The Prince Fly Korea team took a trip to Iriomote Island, Okinawa's second largest island for some serious salt water fly action. Iriomote Island is largely undeveloped, nearly 90 percent of the island is covered by dense jungle and mangrove forests, much of which makes up the Iriomote National Park, the southernmost of Japan's national parks. From the pictures, it looks like they had a awesome time. Great photos, thanks! Check out Prince Fly site for more photos (


fishing an old Korean mining town

I fished an old Korean mining town east of Seoul up in the Taebaek mountains. Most of the mines have been shut down a long time ago, and many of these towns have changed into casino towns. Perhaps because everyone who visits is busy losing their money, the creeks and rivers seemed to be doing well. Once you leave the streets with the big casinos and head into the valleys, you see traces of the old mining town, and whatever is left of the town that hasn’t been transformed into blood sucking casinos. The food is still authentic there, people are poor but generous, and some have started to grown into wine producing towns. This is also the valley where the Rainbow club released 20,000 young native trout earlier this spring. I fished but stopped after I caught one good sized fish, and we spent the day eating and talking about what else can be done here (for the creek). A pleasant day spent.

The third picture from last...that's how you make a fish REALLY big in photos... Carry a tiny net.

cool company … Recycled Waders

If you haven’t already, please go and check out this company that produces some very cool products from recycled waders. Their products are cool, their story is inspiring, prices are reasonable, and they are doing it all by putting waste to good use. “Turning leakers into keepers” as they say. Go visit their site, buy a couple of bags!