fishing an old Korean mining town

I fished an old Korean mining town east of Seoul up in the Taebaek mountains. Most of the mines have been shut down a long time ago, and many of these towns have changed into casino towns. Perhaps because everyone who visits is busy losing their money, the creeks and rivers seemed to be doing well. Once you leave the streets with the big casinos and head into the valleys, you see traces of the old mining town, and whatever is left of the town that hasn’t been transformed into blood sucking casinos. The food is still authentic there, people are poor but generous, and some have started to grown into wine producing towns. This is also the valley where the Rainbow club released 20,000 young native trout earlier this spring. I fished but stopped after I caught one good sized fish, and we spent the day eating and talking about what else can be done here (for the creek). A pleasant day spent.

The third picture from last...that's how you make a fish REALLY big in photos... Carry a tiny net.

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