First meeting with Brachymystax Lenok.

I had a chance to meet Lenok (aka as Manchurian Trout) for the first time in my life. This was a special day. The lenok (scientific name: Brachymystax lenok; Korean common name: Yolmoko) were landlocked in the inland of the Korean peninsula during the glacial epoch. They can grow to 70cm (28 inch) but finding this size is rare these days. In the winter catches up to 50 cm can be found nymphing through small openings that is left in the ice. It only lives in clear and uncontaminated water, and feeds on the larvae of insects or young fish in deep rivers of steep valleys. It is called Hot Eyed Fish in Korean due to its preference for cold waters in steep mountains and deep valleys to cool the heat in its eyes. Because they live in the clearer and colder water (upper stream), they tend to long migrations each season. It has brown spots scattered all over the body which turns into a beautiful rainbow glaze shining from the fins during the egg-laying season. It is a large fish, varying from 30 cm to 70 cm in size, and is regarded as a valuable fish because of its flavorful taste. It is now gradually diminishing in number due to overfishing and environmental damage. The vicinity of Tong-myon, Cho'ngso'n-gun in Kangwon-do and Sokp'o-myo'n, Ponghwa-gun in Kyongsangbuk-do Province are designated as Natural Monuments No.73 and No. 74 respectively. The Brachymystax lenok found in these national parks are also protected by the law. Lenok are also found in Mongolia and parts of Russia, although slightly different in appearance from the Korean lenok.

I was also able to meet some Cherry Trouts, which I consider one of the most beautiful trouts I have ever seen.

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  1. Congratulations on your very first Lenok in Korea. Aren't they beautiful? - From Mr. Lenok Kim