West Branch Fishing

Labor day weekend... and what was I to do but go fishing. However, I wanted to make this trip somewhat challenging and challenging it was. Patty and I with our two dogs checked into this place called West Branch Angler’s Resort ( which is located on the banks of the beautiful West Branch of the Delaware River .

West Branch is an another beautiful Catskill river which is a tailwater fishery that receives good cold water from Cannonsville Reservoir. Because of cold water feed from the reservoir all year around, wild trout thrive here. Matter of fact, they don’t stock this river at all.

These wild trout have been dodging bald eagles, ospreys, bigger fish, and anglers from the moment they're born. They grow up nervous and anything unusual will send them to their bomb shelter and never to be seen until they feel safe.

I’ve noticed right away as soon as I made my first cast to a rising fish that this fishing trip will be a difficult one. Anything other than dead drift of my fly will be accepted. I was so used to my beloved Beaverkill trout whom are very forgiving of my much to be improved casting technique, I felt almost embarrassed.

So I started to practice casting at a fourth spot where I scared yet another fish. I realized that whenever I go fishing, I’d rather go right into fishing and never to think about improving my so-so casting technique. For a beginner fly angler, I need to spend a lot more effort on improving my casting. Lesson learned... With somewhat improved casting, I was able land a rainbow. Small but beautiful. It was getting late so I headed back to the cabin.

Next two days have been difficult but exciting as my casting improved enough to land about 10 more trout. This trip have been most difficult, humbling but very memorable and educational for me. I will practice. I will practice. I will practice…..


  1. Charles, that is awesome, thanks for the update. I'll definitely have to visit there with you. I am still on the road in Asia, squeezing a little fishing in here and there. I think I missed the entire season back home completely this year...I’ll have to make it up with our upcoming bonefish trip down south. Give Patty a hug from me & our family!