Fishing in Rain

Just to recover my defeat from my previous trip to the West Branch, I had to go to my fishing ground instead of licking my wound. It was pouring all day which provided nice shade but wasn't sure weather or not fish will be active.

Started out fishing my usual spot and able to land decent size browns. Then I decided to fish some of the pools in Beaverkill that I haven't fished before towards late in the afternoon. Due to rain drops constantly pushing down the fly(Isonychia) into the river, I switched to elk hair caddis and then boom! Fish went for it like a hot cake.

My wound healed nicely!


  1. damn those are nice fish.
    seems looks like you’re fishing the west fork dry.
    salt water species must miss you this year.

  2. 현철아, 같이 낚시하는게 그립다. 큰고기 잡아서 좋겠다. 이번주에 돌아가니, 가서 통화하고 어디서 만나자.윤호.