Happy Winter Tying

Today, I stop by the fly shop that I go regularly to tie some flies for the spring season. I tied caddis and parachute mainly in different colors and sizes. During one moment that I was finish tying a #18 size white parachute, Mr. Lee who is my tying mentor saw me using whip finisher in awkward way because of the fly size, and he right away showed me how to use that to finish tying small fly with easy method. It was simple and small part of tying technique, but I really appreciate to learn that at that moment. This kind of learning experience makes my first winter fly fishing season still brings me the joy and the excitement.


hallo Fische!

My hope is that 2009 will be the year that will go down in my books as the first year to meet a Muskie at the end of my fly rod. Now who better to learn from than the Esox Man himself, my good friend Pete. Pete’s been hunting these fish for almost 20 years now, and know a thing or two about Muskies. Here are some photos of Pete and his son Matt on their trip up to Crow Lake last season. I am diligently learning to tie the Muskie & Pike flies, big furry ones. All I can hope for is that I will meet at least one of these beautiful fish this season, and with some luck maybe more than one. Please note that on one of these photos Matt’s has two Smallies on one lure! Thanks for the photos Pete and see you on the water soon.


PinLing & Ladyfish

We’ve had a couple of days above freezing temperatures here in the Midwest, and in this heart of winter, I often miss the days out at PinLing. The schools of 3+ pound ladyfish there are amazing to watch and each corner of the valley displays distinctive character. You can sometimes catch hint of tea scent in the air from the tea fields that climb up the hills. According to Wesley, who research the upper section of the river, there are over 25 species of different fish in this river, 15 native. I miss the warm breeze, the good company, and the exciting variety of catching there.


a small box

Appearing on our favorite blog…. Moldy Chum

Started this morning pretty much the same as I do other winter mornings …as part the daily routine, I flipped through some of my favorite blog sites. This morning was different because my favorite blog site had us in it! Such an honor and it totally made my day. Thank you!

Moldy Chum is our favorite site for many reasons, but mainly because it covers fishing in a funny, passionate, and thoughtful way. (there are plenty of sites that takes itself (and fishing) much too seriously … kind of defeating the point). Till now, like a good fishing hole, I’ve only shared Moldy Chum with a few close friends. Have to check it out:


fishing in winter

아쉽지만 겨울엔 송어낚시를 할 수 있는 가까운 저수지라도 반갑습니다.


January, 2009 - Bonghwa, Korea

This is from my recent trip to Bonghwa, 120km southwest from Seoul. We have had very dry fall and winter, and I was so happy to meet this 35cm beautiful Yeolmok on an icy cold day of January. 6x tippet, caddis larvae.

a time for tying