Rainbow FFC ... 2012 fall gathering.

I joined up with the Rainbow Fly Fishing Club's fall gathering in the R5 creek in Kangwondo.  I joined for a couple of days of this 3 day party.  It was really nice to see the familiar faces and some new ones.  The club has gone through some tough times in the past couple of years but it's now back in full swing and I am happy to be a part of it.  A deep sense of gratitude for Dr. Shin for organizing the entire thing and Prof Huh's generous cooking that fed everyone there. 

For me personally, it was kind of nice to find myself in the middle timer's rank, welcoming new club members.  And since this was a creek I am very familiar with, giving people tips on flies and sweet spots was an extra made me feel like I knew what I was talking about (I don't, especially after all that soju).  What I enjoy most about Rainbow Fly Fishing Club's gathering is that there is a really nice mix of people in age, occupation, and even loudness. (especially after all that soju).

We gathered, we got drunk, we fished, and this time we even kept some of the larger rainbows to take home.  We only took a tiny portion of the fish we stocked so people who know this creek will be pleasantly surprised to find some big rainbows (some in the 40cm+)  in the small creek.  I look forward to the sping gathering again.  (* we did our homework on local/ native species, geography, agreements with towns people, and fish stocking permits). 


Take care Charles

I got this message from Charles this morning....  I know he will take care of his wife and himself no matter what, but it was still nerve rattling to see this message. 

Charles, I know you will but be careful and let's talk when you can.


Fall fly fishing in Korea 2

So we went. Although the trip was planned a couple of weeks ahead, we were not ready for it - physically at least. GF, who happened to visit the sacred place many times before, suggested me to go for dry flies while he was covertly preparing for nymph fishing (sly). Narrow creeks under barren tree branches allowed us some decent castings, but water was too cold and yesternight's rain fall somehow changed the habitat (at least that's what we think). Humble lunch we had at our day's destination wasn't humble at all. It was because of the grandeur of water fall. Or maybe because of GF's ostentation resulted from misleading and false competition... (sucker!) The cherries and rainbows we caught were nice, too.

Carving Fisherman Stan

Yesterday, my neighbor Mitch took me to his friend Stan's house to show me his fish carving work. Stan has been doing this for 8 years as a hobby and he sure had a talent. I was really surprised how detail he was getting into. He makes the head separately in-order for him to carve inside of the mouth. I am looking forward to purchase one for myself one day.