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I found a new creek in New Jersey which is home to wild trouts. Didn't know what to expect as the northeast heatwave is still lingering but yesterday's rain definitely helped out. To secure the success, I've started to fish super early.

I caught mainly the browns. I guess it was too warm for the brookies to be active as the water temperature was around 69 degree. Either way, so glad to add this particular creek to my list.


massive rain hits S. Korea hard

There are over 30 people dead from landslides and dozens still missing. This is the worst flooding I have ever seen here. Here are some images from the's hard to believe these are images of Seoul. Stay safe everyone.


at Incheon airport

On my way to Shenzhen, I saw a fishing rod near a cosmetic stand and wondered what it was. Turns out, it's a promotion game one can play to win cosmetic samples. I also passed by the wall I applied the FSAC sticker on last year and was happy to see it still there. It's nice to be reminded of the thing I love to do.


after the rain...

The monsoon has left the peninsula and the water levels are dropping back to normal. Who knew these little fish could bring so much joy to my heart. I headed out to our favorite creek with Dr. Shin and Guroda-san to meet some cherry trout & baby rainbows. I threw some dries & nymphs and here are some fish that came up for photos today. The water level should be perfect in a couple of days.

신박사님, 운전하시느라 고생 많으셨습니다. 저는 옆에서 indicator 내려가는 꿈만꾸면서 잠들어 미안 합니다. 다음에는 제가 좀 하겠습니다. 항상 감사합니다.


This beer is for you:

I know the weather hasn't been on our side this summer. To cheer you up, I am raising a bottle of this wonderful beer for you. I hope you all have great summer.


It was just nice to be out:

I took one of my friends Michael out to fishing in Truckee past 4th of July weekend. This was first fly fishing trip for Michael, so we had a short learning session before we enter the water. Michael actually had other fishing experience in the past when he was growing up in Germany near Baltic sea. No wonder he wasn't complain even if we didn't see any fish all day. The cold beer in the ice box got us going though. It was and it was supposed to be tough fishing with the cold and high water condition since snow in the mountain was still melting past week. We returned back home safely with the promise that we will return soon.

We asked and found another smaller creek, but here also had similar water condition. We also met couple came from near by town to fish, but they seemed also had no luck with the fish.



you have to love the Brits.

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