at Incheon airport

On my way to Shenzhen, I saw a fishing rod near a cosmetic stand and wondered what it was. Turns out, it's a promotion game one can play to win cosmetic samples. I also passed by the wall I applied the FSAC sticker on last year and was happy to see it still there. It's nice to be reminded of the thing I love to do.


  1. I remember I talked with friend of mine about if there was fishing store in the airport, we will be there every time we travel. It might be even nicer if there was a casting range or pond that we can catch fish.

  2. 그렇게 되면 공항에 무지 일찍 나갈것 같은데...5-6 시간 전에. 아니면 아예 하루 전에 가서 거기서 자던지.