wild things

Played hooky today and decided to hit my favorite wild trout stream in NJ. Supprisingly, many people came to hike and luckily no fishermen.

The day was hot and humid but the trees provided plenty of shades and the water was cold enough for trouts to be active.

I've never caught so many trouts in this stream as I have today. I guess all the rain we've had recently made them hungry.

Right before I landed this brown, a young couple who were hiking saw me casting and the man blurt out as they passed me "what a fucking poser, there are no fish in this water". Even before I had a chance to respond to his statement with some evil and dirty language, I get an explosive take from the brown.

"You are a fucking idiot" the female companion said out loud I guess for me to hear. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me with embarassment.


  1. brooks and browns, perfect sized and beautiful. looks like you had a rockin day.

  2. 현철아, 나도 이런데 대리고 가라. 진짜 좋아 보인다.

  3. it's really wonderful place.
    This is the place
    I wanted to go to.

    I envy you for finding such a beautiful fish and place...

    You seem to be a cool guy.

  4. halarious. looks like a good day

  5. 윤호야 항상보면 이쪽게곡에 서식 하는 아기들은 7월달에 제일 활발한거 같아 오늘은 신선이랑 갔다 왔어 잘 잡히니까 너무좋아 하더라.

    신박사님 윤호랑 미국오실때 얼마나 cool guy 인지 보여 드리겠습니다.:)

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  7. lee, i had no idea being a flyfisher can be a potential pretentious activity. once, in this blog, some anonymous person accuse me of fake fly tier. I rather pretend to have a bigger wiener...

  8. East cost creeks seem much like Korean creek. Make sure to take me too when I am visiting. Thanks always for great trip update.