First Trip of the Year

Northeast is going through an exceptionally mild winter which I'm not complaining. However, I haven't been fishing due to busy schedule. Although I had to be back home by 4pm for my nephew's first birthday party, I couldn't resist the 49 degree weather...

The first sighting of the creek nailed me in my track and helped me unwind.

I used to catch a lot more brookies in this stream than browns but it seems though browns are taking over the creek as the most of my catch are brown. I've noticed this throughout the last year as I spent a lot time on this creek. I'm not sure if this is the survival of the fittest but this is somewhat disturbing for me because this creek is the closest creek from my house that holds abundances of the native fish at least used to be...


Fly Fishing Film

I went to a film screening yesterday which is held at one of the Patagonia store in the city. The film is about an epic journey to Kamchatka peninsula. I've shed some tears...

Eastern Rises | teaser from felt soul media on Vimeo.


Seeking suggestion

Patty and I are planning on a trip to Yellowstone this summer for two weeks. Initially thought about flying out to Jackson Hole and fish there for a couple of days and then move onto Cody, Cooke City and end our trip in West Yellowstone. Then I realize that we might not truly enjoy the experiences if we bounce around too much.

Currently, I'm just thinking about staging our trip in one or two area (West Yellowstone and Cody) and throw in as many different fishing experiences as possible.

Any suggestions on itinerary, timing, guide services and etc..? Thanks in advance for your help...

A Great Fishing Report

I recently came across a fishing report from Blake on their site, "Illinois Wisconsin Fishing" and was refreshed by the concise, generous, and thoughtful nature of the report. There seems to be thousands of fishing reports out there on even more blogs, but once in a while you see a good one like this. Thanks for a great report Blake & Team.

Check out this:

and more at:



Damn! Wai Loong and his friends how to party! These guys are everywhere and everywhere they find the craziest fresh water beasts! Happy New Year Wai Loong, thanks for all the information. Can't wait to see your photos from the Thailand Jungle Trip.

Check out more at:


Swimming with Iphone

I had a dream last night where GF was wading ahead of me, lost his balance, and fell in. Rather than freak out and start gasping for air, like I would do, he started swimming gently across the pool with rod in hand. Good news for all you smart phone users...No more plastic bags, or worrying about taking a call streamside. I wonder if they can do it for cigarettes????

Things make you smile

Found this metal curb in Brooklyn. Near Pratt Institute to be exact.

Yes boys, Although I love seeing cool videos, we need to go fishing...


Always dress for the PAwty boys. Happy New Year