Reinvention of the flyrod? You guys are all designers. Thoughts?


Fall fly fishing in Korea

It was a classic autumn day in the KangWon mountains in Korea. Soboro and I took a drive to the creek to see the last of the changing leaves and to fool some trout.  We found some rainbows and cherries in the creek and although the fishing was somewhat slow, being outdoors and feeling the cool fall breeze was easy.  Soboro packed us some delicious sandwiches and we even opened a bottle of wine to chillax after a long climb up to the waterfall.  You can sense winter approaching in the wind and hear the quietness to come.  A perfect fall day to spend fishing with a friend and to miss the friends that we wished were here with us.



mrlee in Dry Fly Action

Here is mrlee in dry fly action when we were at secret creek in Colorado.



Colorado Trip (First Day)

 What a great trip! I really had a great time out there. I thought California was great place to fish: I didn’t realize that how awesome Colorado is for fly fishing. I can’t wait to go out there again. Thanks mrlee for inviting me to great water while he had so much to do with family. I loved Frying Pan River yet I enjoyed a lot at your secret creek below the reservoir walking through the tall bush and catching many browns.

First Day:


One Trout Per Hour

Ksanchun came to Colorado for a crazy 36 hour fishing session. Even though the baby was sick, my angel of a wife gave me leave for one night. I could have taken him to any number of streams within a short drive. Instead we hightailed it to the other side of the state to fish my secret stream, a stream I haven't fished in seven long years! We fished the infamous Frying Pan the next day and well..... I'll let these teaser pics speak for themselves. Ksanchun has all the pics and video, I hope he posts something soon.


A few glorious hours

Home for a couple weeks and spending time with the fan up at the condo. Last year the water was unusually high. This year unusually low. I decided to fish a stretch of water that is almost too rough and tumble to catch fish. I only had a few hours before the family woke up but the gamble paid off. Starting at the place where the creek joins the river and working my way slowly up, I found the browns had moved up into every pocket. They were beginning to pair up displaying those tell tale white slashes. I sight fished to one after another inthe clear shallow water. They grabbed nymphs with abandon as they tried to put on weight before the spawn. I caught enough in three short hours that I retreated to the condo with a big grin and thoughts of coffee and sharing pancakes with my daughter. How many more browns lay in the pockets above? I'll fish them in my dreams.


Catching up

It has been the craziest time for me for the last few months.  I have been staging a coup for our condo complex as it turns out that our board members been stealing money from the association.  Go figures...
Finally able to sit down and organize my recent trip photos...

Albies are in the Jamaica Bay.  They are blitzing everywhere.  It's hard to see in this photo but the water seems to boiling everywhere with the bait fish.

This albie gave me a good fight

Allow me to introduce my new fishing buddy Doctor Lim.  He recently moved in to our condo complex who is a heart anesthesist doctor and an avid angler.  He also fishes in Chuja islands in Korea several times a year which I am quite sure we will be writing about our experiences there.

Dr. Lim gave me a tour of his fishing ground in Montauk.  He knew so many secret spots in Montauk as he's been fishing out here for many years.

As stripers are on their way to the south, many anglers are out there at the point.

Found this tiny creek at the Adirondack.  Most of it's width were a hopping distance away but contained many wild brookies and browns.

Patty looks more like a confident angler caught many "babies" as she likes to call them.



Fishing with my younger son

Took the day off to spend some time with my younger son on the creek.  When I told him I just lost a huge fish, he said to me "dad - you sure it's not your imagination? how come you only lose the big one when I'm not watching?" We didn't catch a lot of fish but it was fun to sleep over at the creek and spend the day slow fishing the creek.  It's also nice to spend some 1 on 1 time with younger son alone.
* I got the conversation started with the local towns people about volunteer work in the creek.  A year long project to clean, put up new signs (regulations, laws), create website, and create a system with local landowners on enforcement of rules/ laws.  There are about 15 homes along the creek and I already know that 4 owners are supporting the initiative.  I still need to convince the two landowners how own the largest portions of land.  I suspect the biggest challenge will be the big farm downstream with cattle.