Catching up

It has been the craziest time for me for the last few months.  I have been staging a coup for our condo complex as it turns out that our board members been stealing money from the association.  Go figures...
Finally able to sit down and organize my recent trip photos...

Albies are in the Jamaica Bay.  They are blitzing everywhere.  It's hard to see in this photo but the water seems to boiling everywhere with the bait fish.

This albie gave me a good fight

Allow me to introduce my new fishing buddy Doctor Lim.  He recently moved in to our condo complex who is a heart anesthesist doctor and an avid angler.  He also fishes in Chuja islands in Korea several times a year which I am quite sure we will be writing about our experiences there.

Dr. Lim gave me a tour of his fishing ground in Montauk.  He knew so many secret spots in Montauk as he's been fishing out here for many years.

As stripers are on their way to the south, many anglers are out there at the point.

Found this tiny creek at the Adirondack.  Most of it's width were a hopping distance away but contained many wild brookies and browns.

Patty looks more like a confident angler caught many "babies" as she likes to call them.


  1. Really glad to hear from you man, I was starting to get a little worried about your whereabouts. So you had some real life sh#t heads you had to deal with, hope you succeeded with the coup d'etat.

    Seeing your photos, I realize that I would be keeping/ eating a lot more fish if I had the salt water chance. There's something cool about eating your catch. I might eat a few trout in the next months here.

    I look forward to meeting Dr Lim someday too. Take care friends, let's talk soon.

  2. False albies! Sweet missile tits!

  3. The coup d'etat is still going on. I had a meeting until midnight last night staging the final move. What a bunch of crooks. Anywho, What's up boys!!! Are you back in the state Lee? Let's plan a trip soon.

    1. I go back to Korea in three days, otherwise I would be thre chasing blitzes with you! Some pictures of Colorado coming soon!

  4. Oh that sucks. hoping you guys will be swinging over to the northeast...