One Trout Per Hour

Ksanchun came to Colorado for a crazy 36 hour fishing session. Even though the baby was sick, my angel of a wife gave me leave for one night. I could have taken him to any number of streams within a short drive. Instead we hightailed it to the other side of the state to fish my secret stream, a stream I haven't fished in seven long years! We fished the infamous Frying Pan the next day and well..... I'll let these teaser pics speak for themselves. Ksanchun has all the pics and video, I hope he posts something soon.


  1. Does that mean you guys caught 36 trouts? Glad that you guys were able to hookup out there. Thanks for the invitation you bastards...

  2. At least 36. Each. Shit. I owe you an invite brother. I was trying to payback Ksanchun. We decided that next time we would all meet up in Montucky, rent a couple boats, an RV and get ridiculous.

  3. Well well well, thanks for the great intro mrlee. I really enjoyed the trip. At first, I wasn't sure if I would enjoy that kind of short trip, but then again when am I going to make that kind of time? I am glad that I did. Next trip is to NY Charles. I am going to shoot for in the spring if you are OK with the time.