relationship between snow and flies...

There seems to be a direct correlation between the quality of my flies, with the amount of snow we get in the area. The more snow we get the better my flies become. As well as the quantity of flies that becomes stocked in my fly cabinet. I still need to get better at replicating specific creatures from nature, as for now I am mainly happy experimenting with the various techniques of fly tying. I had a go at some flies last night, and although not as neat as the flies I buy, it’s better than the first set of flies I tied a few weeks back (their performance was pretty poor in the water). At this rate of snow, I will tie enough flies to last me for years. I can’t wait to see how each one does, and once some prove to be better than others, I will tie more of the same.


presidential fishing

Presidents who fish...

Russian president Putin certainly wins the macho cake.


more good looking gear

damn, these are some good looking stuff (each in their own way).