NJ Rivers

In mission of discovering NJ rivers, I've decided to check out Musconetcong River today. This river is a tributary of the Delaware river. Another scenic river in NJ.

Tying the knot.

On Nov6, Ksanchun will tie the knot. Congratulation brother.

Top Mouth Culter In Taiwan

In the beginning I would like to say thank you to Yoonho who invited me to be the author of Four Seasons Angling Club. Give me this chance to share the fishing information of Taiwan.

In Taiwan there is no wild trout in the low altitude area. Only few high mountain places get the native trout called Taiwan salmon. However, this species is protected. No one can catch it. Therefore, Taiwan fly fishers need to fish other species which are more close to our living places. Thanks god, there are still some fishes left taht we can usually catch in the city area.

The first fish I like to introduce is top-mouth culter, which likes to stay in calm water, pool or dam. This fish eats shrimp and small fish. The most common size of the fish is from 30 to 50 cms. No very big, but still interesting.

Taiwan fly fishers usually use 3 or 4 weight fly rod to catch it. Flies we often employ are streamer and shrimp. Plus, sinking tip fly line is necessary, which can help the fly sink to the middle layers and reach the place fish stays.
Interested in fishing this species? If you have chance to come here, just mail me. Then, we can have a fishing trip together.



photography at its best...photographers listed in order.

Peter Morse
Roy Tanami
James Nelson
Tibor Nemeth

Shimoyama on Steel

Looks like Shimoyama-san from Dolly Varden Japan has been to the Deschutes River. See more at:

this is Fury…

this is a FUN, FUN, FUN site. funny, cool, variety of topics.


big fish from Prince Fly

The gentlemen at Price Fly Fishing & Tackle has been catching some super fine fish around Asia! Very Nice!! For these and other great photos, go to:

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The Fiberglass Manifesto

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why we love the Chum…

Not the only reason, but a good part of it... I love you Moldy Chum.

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first sign of cold…

I went out to a local lake a couple of days ago. I felt cold for the first time this season. I guess winter is here, it was almost 7am and it was still kind of dark. I caught some crappies, bluegills and some small bass, looked around at the fading signs of fall. Winter is around the corner, I better get out the warm clothing.