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Really good stuff at super low prices…

CarpFly Seoul…urban angling at its best.

I followed the link from the video Charles loaded to find Korea’s largest and most active carp & mullet fly angling club. This seems like a pretty hard core group of carp hunters, diverse members & species they hunt alike. Great photos and lots of information on carp angling in the capital of South Korea. Check out the rod & reel in the last photo, must be custom made. Super funky. Check them out at:

“I’m the richest man I know.” ... Jack Gartside 1942 – 2009

As many know, Mr. John Clarence "Jack" Gartside passed away on Dec 6, 2009. Considered one of the most talented and innovative American fly tyers of the modern era, Gartside was taught how to tie flies at the age of 10 by Ted Williams, the Boston Red Sox outfielder. Among his best-known original patterns are the Sparrow, the Soft Hackle Streamer, the Pheasant Hopper, the Gartside Leech, the FishHead, and the Gurgler. Read about him & his creations on ( Additionally a great article about Jack on Sports Illustrated

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"I frankly don't make much of a living, but I make a hell of a life" Jack Gartside


look but no touching...

If you want to use one live minnow all day (or make) one of these.

Recent catch from Prince Fly

Recent catch from the gentlemen at Prince Fly...winter fishing in South Korea. Very nice indeed. See this and more at:

when fashion meets fly fishing...

Like general sports & fashion, there's a point where things cross & come together. Example: Nike becomes more fashionable & Prada becomes more sportswear like. These may not be good examples but it’s easily imaginable how functional fishing wear can be integrated into regular fashion… just replace the fly boxes with cell phones and wallets.

another good book...

Because we like tying, interest in birds comes naturally...or at least their feathers. This was given to me by my friend Soboro (thank you). This book was sponsored by LG, who knew that their CEO was such a fan of bird watching. Nice.


The Steelhead Train

Eastern Oregon : A partnership between The Minam Motel, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Wallowa Union Railroad have teamed to offer rail access to ten miles of steelhead fishing on the beautiful Wild and Scenic stretch of the Wallowa River. This is a train want to take sometime soon.

Art of Yoshikazu Fujioka

A very pretty site to see the art of Yoshikazu Fujioka and get general information about species of fish in Japan. Check it out, buy some art.

Devil Bug Mouse

Korea Fly Shop Series #8. Adams Fly

Another fine shop to add to the list of fly shops in Seoul. Full service fly shop, on line shopping, and of course guided services. Definitely one to check out. See these and more great photos at link below: