Christmas in Bahamas: Day 4

I think I will let pictures speak for themselves...

Christmas in Bahamas: Day 3

“What the Fxxx” I couldn’t believe that it is raining yet again. As we are waiting for our guide Patterson, Bill came over and told us that the weather will definitely improve. I saw in the distance trace of sunbeams peaking between clouds.

We left the resort with skepticism but our skepticism faded away quickly as we encountered the scenery which was breathtakingly beautiful even in rain.

Once we arrived to our first flat, the lesson of bone fishing officially started by Patterson. Patterson told us that selection of fly is not as important in Andros as the area is not heavily pressured and bonefish in Andros are more aggressive and opportunistic feeders.

Biggest challenge was to spot bones. The day was heavily overcastted with occasional sunbeams peaking through. Patterson constantly whispered 3 o’clock 40 feet, 12 o’clock 35 feet but I simply could not spot them. At one point, I make a perfect cast out of shear luck and the fish went for it. Instead of strip hooking, I did trout hooking which ultimately cost the fish.

Spent all day trying to learn how to spot bones. Towards end of the day, I was able to spot them fairly well only when the sun was out. Even before Patterson spotted the fish, I was able to spot one and made the cast which landed about 5 feet infront of the fish. Strip Strip pause, strip strip pause just as Patterson told me and then boom, the fish took my fly and decided to torpedo its way to safety. In instant, I felt sharp burning sensation in my index finger which was wrapped around fly line. Seeing the fleeing fish trailed by fly line fiercely ripping through ocean water was unreal.

Only two bones were caught but I felt good as I was properly introduced to world of bone fishing.

Great Reading...Even Brook Trout Gets the Blues

With winter and waters closed for fishing, reading John Gierach's books is the best you can do. Plus it actually makes you think about what you are doing, beyond hooking fish.

excerpt from the book:

I have carefully adjusted my thinking over the years to make that all right, because I know too much horniness for big trout can ruin a fisherman, making him feel he’s too good to fish just any old creek. Getting my head straight about this wasn’t that hard, since I guess I’ve always preferred the company of people who will fish just any old creek.


Christmas in Bahamas: Day 2

It was still dark outside. I let out a sigh “ahhhh shit!” as I was awakened by noise caused by heavy rain drops and hurricane like wind all around our cottage. I was too disgusted to look outside as the noise intensified as time went on. Only thing I can say to myself was “good thing you brought rain jacket” as though the rain jacket will magically make everything okay.

As per our itinerary, I went to main lodge to have our breakfast and wait for our guide to show up. As rain intensified, Patty made a statement: “you can’t possibly ask me to come with you right?” and I couldn’t possibly ask Patty to come along as I was debating myself whether or not I should go out to fish.

Around 8am, our guide Patterson aka: bootlegger (something to do with ancestor being one) showed up with his flat skiff and told us that the weather may or may not get better and it is entirely up to me to go fishing. At 8:05 we were off to go fishing. Patty decided to stay at the lodge and relax.

Bill who is the owner of the resort told us to take spinning rods as we won’t be able to fly fish under the condition.

Luckily, rain and wind subsided once we got to our first fishing spot. However, severe overcast didn’t allow us to spot any of bonefish on the flats. We decided to troll for barracudas and landed a decent size cuda within an hour of trolling.

It was unbearable even for me to be on the boat so we decided to retire for the day. As I came back to the resort, I just couldn’t stop fishing so I decided to take a stroll down the shoreline and tried my luck. I was able to spot a few bonefish but by the time they were within my sight, they were able to spot me before I can do anything about it. At the end of the day, I was able to catch a tiny barracuda and few snappers but I wasn’t a happy camper at this point.

Patty said a few encouraging words to me but I forgot what they were….

Christmas in Bahamas: Day 1

I couldn’t wait to get out of New York as recent snow storm not only brought the temperature down significantly, but made a mess everywhere.

Trip to Andros was a full day commitment. We left our house at 6am and arrived in Congo Town of Andros by 5pm. After 2 plane rides and a boat ride, very friendly staffs of Tiamo greeted us at the resort. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t look that promising as tropical thunderstorm were forecasted for entire duration of our stay…

I didn’t know what to expect from this trip in terms of fishing condition but seeing our cottage gave us some relief that at least we will have relaxing time while we stay at the resort.


I see fish everywhere...(again)

Even in the fruit section of the supermarket...

I see fish everywhere...

I bet the guy who made this man hole cover is an angler.


Happy Holidays Friends.

Catching fish is why we got into this, Friends are why we continue any of this. Thanks for all the good times, stories, friendship, and kindness. I hope your holidays are filled with the warmest wishes, and I hope that 2010 brings us lots of success in our lives (and many good fish too).


More old funky reels

With the deep freeze, all Ican do is think about fishing & look for stuff. Here are some funky old reels from the past. I especially like the first one with a pistol grip.


Winter is here in Illinois.

Bracing ourselves for the deep freeze to come.