hero shot

Our friend Kent from Reel Job Fishing was recently on the cover of FlyFusion! Check out the brookies Kent recently caught, amazing. Check out more at:

Keep warm Kent!


funny flies by Fabrizio Gajardoni

Mr. Gajardoni’s funny flies are what took me to his site, but soon discovered he is an award winning tier. Check out more at:

Mr. Fabrizio Gajardoni wrote us a little more about his funny flies:

“ about Nemo I tyied first on 2001 ( published on Art of Angling Journal on 2005), I believe that I tyied about 20 Nemo for customers and friends”
“ about Poldo dog it's a unique fly for my dear Friend Massimo Masi, he love so much his dog and I do a copy in deer hair”
“ about Gino fly it's the same a unique fly for a daughter of my dear Friend from USA”

Thank you again for allowing to post these photos and the comments about your flies. Best wishes from FSAC!

Steve’s Galien River Brown

From Dan, addressed to Lee:
“Steve Lagattuta caught this nice brown trout on spawn fly pattern on the Galien river (it might be called the Galena river when it crosses into IN) near Heston, IN on 11/21/10. A great day for late fall fishing. Of course we left a lot of the spawn flies in the trees in this very narrow part of the river. Hope all is well in your world. – Dan”

Thanks for the photos Dan - Four Seasons Angling Club.

Annual Thanksgiving Fishing Trip 2.

However unplanned, this Thanksgiving fishing is turning out to be a ritual for Fishfinder & me. Even without too many words, both of us knew that we have a lot to be thankful for during this Thanksgiving time. Things are challenging on many fronts with our work, family members, & general uncertainties about things we want to be certain about… Still, the way we see it – if you have the opportunity to spend a day fishing with your close friend - in the bigger picture of things, things are still alright.

Even with an aching back, Fishfinder took me out to some surprisingly scenic waters in New Jersey. It was fun watching Fishfinder hook into fish after fish, sometime 3 fish in a row, from a single spot. The stocked rainbows weren’t pretty but they were good sized & served their purpose well, it was good to see the brown & brook he caught. I didn’t hit no grand slam like Fishfinder, but I did hook into a fat hatchery rainbow, and that was good enough – at least that’s what I told Fishfinder, who kept complaining about how his landing net was too fishy from all the fish that had been in it that day. At the end of the day he rubbed it in good one last time with “so – I guess you don’t nymph much?”. I’ll get him back soon, and he knows it.

There was a lot of bird hunting going on in the woods and the long blowing sound of black powder guns in the distance made us both wish we have brighter colored hats. Like Fishfinder says, sometimes goofing off is exactly what the soul needs to recharge and get us through until the next time.


Annual Thanksgiving Fishing Trip

Third years in a row, GoneFishing and I been fishing together on the Thanksgiving weekend. This year was no exception. We decided to give Big Flatbrook in NJ a try.

It's been a while since we were able to fish together and share some not so deep conversations. More than anything, being able to goof off while we fish is something I've missed since the last time we fish together.

Recently stocked 2 years old rainbow.

Native brown who gave a hell of fight for its size.

Also, recently stocked brook trout. Rainbow, Brown and Brook...Wait a minute it's a grand slam of fly fishing! How did you do GoneFishing?

The fishing trip with friend mrlee from Chicago:

mrlee and I met in Chicago Orvis store a few years ago as a customer and store manager. We finally met again as a friend fishing together in Korean creek. Lee recently moved to Korea and I had to take him to one of my favorite creeks before it gets too cold. With sudden cold weather and low water didn’t help us to find as many lenok as week before, but we were able to see some and really enjoyed the hiking up. Lee mentioned that the creek we were at looked quite similar to some creeks in Colorado where he grew up. No wonder, I saw him look very comfortable swinging his long nymphing rod.


November Dry Fly Fisherman

Watching the lenok feed in the clear water of late Autumn gives me hope for next Spring.

Midges, Mak gul ri
November in Korea
bare trees, clear stream, fish

Thanksgiving is Muskie time in Wisconsin

Check out the pics from our friends over at On The Creek Fly Shop in Madison Wisconsin.


other side of things

an interesting way to look at things.

kissing the cup.

This looks like a pretty nice event, need a team to participate. As expected, the event isn’t centered around winning a cash award – which is good. I like competition, I like winning (or losing fair & square), and I think I’d like to kiss that cup. Something to think about. Read more about it at:

Perhaps mrlee has some thoughts on this and such events, since most of them seems to happen in his hometown area.


winter of life.

With the few drops of rain last week, went up to Root to check things out over weekend. Water is still very low, but caught a few exhausted fish that have completed their journey...fulfilling their destiny in the cycle of life.




Congrats, Hank!

we have a lawyer amongst us.

Hank, congratulations again on passing the bar exam. Go do some good in this world. Don't worry, we still like you although you're a lawyer ;-)



This is time for lenoks. The weather was proudly perfect for their habitat (and us anglers, too). It was an earlier Sunday morning that Ksanchun and I decided to go on a long-overdue expedition in gangwon-province. Ksanchun’s invincible “remote office” is indeed a vehicle to perform various tasks including running at 65 mph.

Destination: HJ Valley - a two-hour east of Seoul, a small creek running through villages. I’ve never been to the place but my utmost trust for Ksanchun’s animal instinct and his experience told me that this is the place we can have total fun.

We started throwing lines around 9 am and for a while there hasn’t even been a nibble. Water temperature rose to 6 deg C but still cold for lenoks being active. Ksanchun caught the first one and we both witnessed the decent sized lenoks.

Just before the lunch break, we arrived at a shallow run right next to a local bed & breakfast. Ksanchun ostentatiously threw a long cast, and holy mother of Budda, a 28 cm-long lenok was fighting at the end of the line. I couldn’t do anything but sneak to the place where he caught the big one. And I started throwing lines wishing I had the same luck. My brown caddis was gliding on the surface passing the spot. Nothing happened. “Hey, Ksanchun, what did you use for the hook? Mine doesn’t...” Even before I finished the sentence, there was a splash catching my attention. Another big one from the point - a bigger one, exactly 31 cm! It was 대박. We didn’t expect the second one from the spot!

We were ready to take off to lunch. But, you know Ksanchun, he never stops. He decided to give it another try. We heard that big ones gather together and usually you see more than one big boy in a pool. But we already met 2 relatively big ones here! I don’t think Ksanchun truly expected to catch another one there, either.

He successfully presented the line where he should. His light brown midge naturally flowed down the run and moved toward the shore. The color of water, the bottom of the water to be exact, was too light, which means there are no sizable rocks for fish to hide. But, what do you know? There was a big movement, and that time we both knew this was the biggest of the three!

A 38-cm, sepia-colored body with vivid black dots.

I called it a pure luck and Ksanchun doesn’t think it is.