The fishing trip with friend mrlee from Chicago:

mrlee and I met in Chicago Orvis store a few years ago as a customer and store manager. We finally met again as a friend fishing together in Korean creek. Lee recently moved to Korea and I had to take him to one of my favorite creeks before it gets too cold. With sudden cold weather and low water didn’t help us to find as many lenok as week before, but we were able to see some and really enjoyed the hiking up. Lee mentioned that the creek we were at looked quite similar to some creeks in Colorado where he grew up. No wonder, I saw him look very comfortable swinging his long nymphing rod.


  1. I learned a lot about fishing in Korea from you and caught my first lenok! if only a small one. my hunger for fishing here has just begun. thank you so much hyeong!

  2. I was waiting to see these photos, glad to hear you guys got out. It is somewhat fantastic to see mrlee holding a lenok.

  3. Sorry that I missed the trip. Congrats, mrlee, on catching your first lenok.