The Lure of Mongolian Prairies, Winds, & Adventure.

I was glad to hear back from S.H. Yoo (flycaster) a Korean who provides fly-fishing guide service in Mongolia. I’ve been looking through his blog site, imagining myself in some of those beautiful locations, picturing myself holding these amazing fish…”someday soon”, I told myself. The breathtaking landscapes of Mongolia is amazing even through photos, and to think that 80% of this 1500 miles (East/ West) land is still mostly untouched by humans. Of course, the large prehistoric Taimen of Mongolia is legendary among fishermen, definitely something to experience in an angling life… Mongolia also offers great Grayling, Lenok, & Pike fishing.

S.H. runs a trading business in Qingdao China. He splits his time between China, Korea, & Mongolia and during the months from May to October, he spends most of his time in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - guiding, working, and chasing some of these beautiful fish himself. His journey started with a private Taimen fishing trip in 2003 through a Japanese tour company, and since then has returned each year. He says he will never forget the first time he experienced a Taimen taking a fist sized deer hair mouse pattern. Currently he’s a shareholder with a local Mongolian Outdoor Tour Company and provides guide service to Koreans as well as clients from Russia, Czech Republic, France, & Japan. Both the local guides & S.H. can communicate in English as needed.

S.H. tells me that the best time to visit are between the months of May and October. Fishing is possible until the water freezes over, but May-Oct is the prime time to fish Mongolia. You can make a reservation by calling him or through the internet and he will provide all the information and zero in on specific dates according to weather reports & water conditions. The primary camp is typically set up near the Eg River, and he mentioned that there are other national camps around there. May & June is great for active Taimen, Lenok, & Grayling. This is S.H.’s personal favorite time to fish. July is August can be great but it is also the rainy season so careful monitoring of weather is essential. August through October can be considered the prime fishing season, fooling well trained fish (from the summer anglers) is a challenge and this is also the time when it’s most likely you will catch the big boys (over 1.2 meters/ 48”+). Fishing is possible till end of October, assuming you are willing to put up with the cold. There is a requirement of 50% deposit at the time of reservation. There are several packaged tours that is possible and a custom trip can be tailored depending on your need. Once you get to Chinggis Khaan International Airport he will take care of everything from that point on – pickups, lodge/ camp set ups, Local area licenses, Ulaanbaatar tours, and up to your departure. For fishing trips, the group includes transportations, driver, translators, fishing & outdoor guides, chef (cooker), plus a trip manager. Further details are available once you start communications with S.H. (

I look forward to meeting S.H. on the wild fields of Mongolia soon. Check out these photos S.H. sent me plus more on his blog site:

S.H. – thank you for the detailed email & photos. Let’s stay in touch.


  1. I want to save my asian a points for something like this!

  2. I might have my baby strapped to my back but Im in.

  3. start saving up money guys, let's hit this next year. Think about it, Lee is in Asia next year (otherwise it's a f*ckin long flight from Colorado), Charles aint getting any younger (happy birthday again), and pretty soon my kids are gonna suck up more serious money from me for their education… after that, it’s just hard to come up with any excuse to go…

  4. Those fish are amazing! Adventure of a lifetime. And in an LR Defender, no less! That's pure class.