Mr. Park & Prince Fly Shop.

It’s been a while since I have been back to Prince Fly Shop, it’s been too long. I am always inspired and impressed with Mr. Young Park’s energy and open mindedness about targeting different species of fish in Korea on the fly and how he runs his business. I met him not too long ago when he was just starting his shop, but since then it seems to have grown and matured into one of Korea’s premiere fly shops. I like the merchandise he carries because he carries a lot of unique brands that I can only find at Prince. I hope to see Mr. park again soon, and to visit the shop again. Here are some photos from the Prince site : (http://www.princefly.co.kr ).


  1. love the danielsson nymph! always wanted one and just bought it for myself as a gift. can't wait to put it to use this weekend

  2. I've been enjoying my danielsson as well. I bought mine at princefly, I think they carry it exclusively in korea. When you get to Korea, go check out prince fly too, I’ll let Mr. Park know you might be coming.