Fishing Spots_South Korea_YuJung Trout Pay Pond

Trout pay pond about 1 hour from Seoul.
Lots of stocked trout, crowded, but okay for a quick fix.
20,000 entrance fee, all catch and release, keep fish in the water.
There is a small stream section possible.  Both fly and lure possible, single hook, barbless.
Spider fly shop on premises.

588-3, Yujeong-ri, Docheok-myeon, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea ‎
+82 31-762-5185 ‎ ·


Very current and present status

I let my old riding buddy convinced me to ride the mountain bike and the result is severely jammed finger and sprained wrist.  I think I will be out of commission for fishing for awhile.... This sucks...

Pay Trout Ponds

It's that time of the year...paid trout ponds are back.  It's less than an hour from Seoul and YooJung Trout Pond has a lot of trout in the water.  There are some big ones in there and it's great for a quick fix.  Spent some time with Mr. Choi from Spiderfly, a great guy.


more photos from Mongolian trip

Additional photos from Dan & SH Yoo Mongolian trip.  Looks like they had a great time.
You can find these photos and more information on SH Yoo's blog:


New Hobby

I've always wanted to learn how to shoot traditional bow so over the weekend, Patty and I went to a local archery store to check out the options.  It turns out they also offer a lesson before you buy the equipment. After watching other students, Patty blurts out "I could do that!".  So the whole thing begins...

It turns out that Patty has a knack in archery.  After an hour of lesson, she impressed everyone in the range including myself. 
 After 4 hours in the shop, we walked away with her brand new compound bow (I call it the silent pink) and my recurve bow.
 Immediately, I've setup a home shooting range in our garage and started practicing.
 This is patty's group from 15 yards.
 Zombie apocalypse?  Bring it on!
Although non-fishing related, just glad that we've found something to do together...


From Mongolia - SH Yoo

My friend SH Yoo sent a few pics from Mongolia.  All he said was, "it's cold here, at winter's doorsteps" and sent these three photos.  Hope he hooks into one of them giant taimen, as he usually does.  Thanks for the photos SH Yoo.


Korean salmon fishing - SpiderFly

Korean salmon fishing at NamDaeCheon in the East Sea.  The salmon season is off limits from Oct 11-Nov30.  SpiderFly shop team seems like they did really well in recent trip with two handed rods.  Here are some photos and check out more at:  (Mr. Choi is owner).

Great photos too.

Additional photos from trip

Some additional photos from trip with Steven & Jonathan.