New Hobby

I've always wanted to learn how to shoot traditional bow so over the weekend, Patty and I went to a local archery store to check out the options.  It turns out they also offer a lesson before you buy the equipment. After watching other students, Patty blurts out "I could do that!".  So the whole thing begins...

It turns out that Patty has a knack in archery.  After an hour of lesson, she impressed everyone in the range including myself. 
 After 4 hours in the shop, we walked away with her brand new compound bow (I call it the silent pink) and my recurve bow.
 Immediately, I've setup a home shooting range in our garage and started practicing.
 This is patty's group from 15 yards.
 Zombie apocalypse?  Bring it on!
Although non-fishing related, just glad that we've found something to do together...


  1. Ha! I knew you were up to something...and this something fun is right on. I've been shopping around here in Seoul for a bow as well. I love it that you and Patty are into shooting. I'll have to ask you for some advice soon.

  2. Get lessons! The result is night and day. I tuned my old compound bow and took some lessons and wow! what a difference. Also, find out where you can get a decent Korean bow. I've always wanted to get one

  3. Thanks Long. It is a fun sport. Now I have to go shopping for her archery outfit. It HAS to match the equipment...

    Lee, let's go fishing with it. I heard bow fishing is lot o fun.

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