Fishing, Clearly...

Everything seemed so clear on this particular fall fishing day.  Clear blue sky, clear creek and even  had a clearview of the forest as it was shedding it's leaves.  
I've almost used sprained wrist and jammed finger as an excuse this morning not to get up early but glad to make it out and able to enjoy a fall day of fishing.

 I've never seen this creek this low with water level.  Usually, one can expect the double the amount of water than what you see above.
 Because of the low water level, I had to work extra hard to approach the fishing holes.  Longer and stealthy casts were required which is not my forte...

Luckily, fish were a little more cooperative than usual and gave me some opportunity to snap some pictures.

Glad to squeeze this fall outing before the landscape change it's color.


Hittin the tub again

Soboro and I hit the pond again this morning and saw a few familiar faces (human and trout).  Soboro caught 28 fish in 3 hours the day before and today was not bad either.  Early morning fog and a special trout made my morning.  All this and back home to join wife and kids for brunch.

* the first photo captured a jumping trout. Din't even see that until I got home.

(GPS coordinates) in google maps: 37.284707,127.305982
The paid trout pond address is (in Korean so you can copy paste):
Name: 유정낚시터
Address: 경기도 광주시 도척면 유정리 588-3번지
Phone number: 031-762-5185
What you can input into navigation: address OR 유정지, 유정관광낚시터, 도척지 (any one of these 3)
Cost: W20,000 for all day, catch and release

Other note: it gets pretty crowded on weekend, there is a small stream section towards the mouth of pond where you can fish as well (less crowded). From fishing it last 3 weeks, best catching between 6:30 - 8:00am. Trout will take dry fly (small caddis, caterpillars) and bright green streams works well all around. If fishing slows down, try with indicator and about 3meters down with egg pattern, small nymphs, or streamer. You can use spin gear as well and smaller (about 2”) bright colored rubber worms seems to work well. Or small spoons (less than 1”). You can get Korean food on premises (ramen & other Korean dishes). They are open till sundown.

 The fly shop that is on premise of paid pond: