Fishing, Clearly...

Everything seemed so clear on this particular fall fishing day.  Clear blue sky, clear creek and even  had a clearview of the forest as it was shedding it's leaves.  
I've almost used sprained wrist and jammed finger as an excuse this morning not to get up early but glad to make it out and able to enjoy a fall day of fishing.

 I've never seen this creek this low with water level.  Usually, one can expect the double the amount of water than what you see above.
 Because of the low water level, I had to work extra hard to approach the fishing holes.  Longer and stealthy casts were required which is not my forte...

Luckily, fish were a little more cooperative than usual and gave me some opportunity to snap some pictures.

Glad to squeeze this fall outing before the landscape change it's color.


  1. Very nice. I see the wrist isn't slowing you down.

  2. sweet. and sweet story telling as well. I needed that. Mr. Lee and I will head out to the creek soon.

    1. Thanks. When you go, take a lot of landacape pictures for me.

  3. Nice charles! looks like on all dry flies too!

  4. Thanks Long. It was easier for me to cast dry flies than something heavy as long cast were necessary. Lucked out.