name of this fish?

Caddis, Hank-

Do you know what the scientific name of "top mouth"? A reader was asking on the post ( ) but I don't know the actual name other than top mouth. Thanks.

admittance to greed

I found some ferocious looking treble hooks hidden away at the corner of my bass fly box ... secretly tucked away behind the fluffy marabou buggers. My thought at the times was that I would attached these onto one of the pike stinger flies. I had forgotten about these hooks for a while, and when I discovered them again today - I felt a slight flush of shame from my greed. I stared at them for a little while and closed the box back up, leaving them where they were. Maybe I'll catch a mean big fish on it, maybe I won't... it doesn't matter, it will sit there and remind me of things. Maybe one day, I'll throw them out...maybe.

* the image is just reference image, actual is similarly mean looking.


The proper boat...

I ran across some images of a good looking boat and found it it's called the Texas Creek Boat. I followed it's trail to the article on Garden & Gun. It's built by John Townes “J.T.” Van Zandt.

Read more about it on:

Now that's what I call a proper boat.


almost perfect

Over Easter weekend, I had a chance to fish the Catskills, New York area with my friend Fishfinder. There's been heavy rain the past few days and we knew there was a good chance that the rivers would be blown out. The weather was still chilly and we could see the last bits of ice on the shaded areas of the banks. The water was running angry in many of the rivers we wanted to fish, so Fishfinder took us to a few of his favorite spots in the upper reaches where the water would be more tame. Upstate New York is scenic in every way possible, and the rivers have the characteristics that make it an instant favorite for me. We did not catch much fish, but the joy of being out in this beautiful place made up for most of that. We wandered from river to river, checking out spots where we would return in better conditions. We had enough beers at night to get stupid, but sometimes that's exactly what we need to get mind off the work and other things in life that can weigh one's spirit down. Being in the right company when fishing is good is nice, but being in the right company when you're not catching fish is downright critical. Thanks for the trip Fishfinder, see you again real soon.

Since we wern't busy catching fish, we have a bunch of photos.

낚시가서 고기가 않잡힐때, 그 상황을 괜찮게 해주는것은 좋은 친구다. 정말 재미 있었다 현철아, 곧 또 만나자. 그리고 그때는 다 잡아 버리자.


Third Year Fly Fisher

Mrlee let me know about his friend Rob Thompsons of Third Year Flyfisher ( and his participitation in the Costa Fly Fishing Film Tour ( For this area, it will be in Wilmette on 5/3. If you haven't already seen Rob's trailers for the Musky Country, you need to see it to see what all the excitement is about. See trailer below and plan to go see the movie when it comes near you.

Musky on the fly teaser from RT on Vimeo.

rainbowflyfishing club spring regular tour.

We had our "2011 rainbowflyfishing club spring regular tour".
I stayed in the valley for "one day two nights",
fishing and eating some foods.

I had a lovely time in the valley with my club friends.
I caught some cherry trout and rainbow with my friend.
They are so beautiful and fantastic.


waiting for big fish

I've been busy getting ready to meet some mean fish. Her name is miss muskie...

even tied up an old classic fly, just to see what will happen.