name of this fish?

Caddis, Hank-

Do you know what the scientific name of "top mouth"? A reader was asking on the post ( ) but I don't know the actual name other than top mouth. Thanks.



    Yoon HO,
    check the link above,
    it's scientific name is "Culter alburnus".

  2. Yoon Ho,
    you are welcome.
    hope to see you soon.

  3. have you been able to fish at all or has it been work all the time? How is the waters of Taiwan this year? Enough rain? Too much rain?

  4. Yoon Ho,
    of course we can fish all the time in Taiwan, cause we are in sub-tropical zone.
    But the spring is the greatest season for fresh water fishing, and it means the fish is much bigger and more aggressive.
    We have not enough rain this year,
    and it is probably lacking of water this month.

  5. I miss the fishing & tea, but most of all - I miss delicious Taiwanese style cooking ...

  6. Tea?
    you could give me your address,
    and I can send you some really nice tea.

  7. Yoon Ho,
    It is long time that I have not been to the place we enjoyed the tea.

    Yoon Ho, there is a kind of fish I have taken you to try here.

    This fish we call it Mu kounn.
    I know Jonathan is in the US now. I suppose both of you may not have chance to come over here.

    But, I still wish both of you can come here and we can meet together.