I looked and it was on….

Took a stroll out to the Root as my friend suggested and it looks like it’s on. Being a Saturday, there were anglers stacked at each hole, but after a long winter, nearly everyone had a smile on their face (including me). The river was running stained from the recent rain, but still fishable. I failed to land a fish, but had a couple of strikes & was encouraged by watching the guy next to me land a fish (photo is his fish - nice 27"). Standing in the water, I thought about catching a fish for my friend … soon.

Here are a few views you might recognize.


  1. looks good. the tug is the drug! I'm sending you some secret coordinates........

  2. by the way....cheese castle is the best stop for a post fish beer!

  3. Thanks bro, I'll check that spot out. I think i always stopped just short of it.