admittance to greed

I found some ferocious looking treble hooks hidden away at the corner of my bass fly box ... secretly tucked away behind the fluffy marabou buggers. My thought at the times was that I would attached these onto one of the pike stinger flies. I had forgotten about these hooks for a while, and when I discovered them again today - I felt a slight flush of shame from my greed. I stared at them for a little while and closed the box back up, leaving them where they were. Maybe I'll catch a mean big fish on it, maybe I won't... it doesn't matter, it will sit there and remind me of things. Maybe one day, I'll throw them out...maybe.

* the image is just reference image, actual is similarly mean looking.


  1. or you could use them to scale the walls of some fortress.

  2. mrlee, I'll be heading to Seoul beginning of June and will stay throug summer. Let's go catch some fish, try to make up for some of the time you let pass in the recent few months. I'll send details of schedule and contact over email. See you soon brother.

  3. well if its on then its on. just get you know who to come back for a weekend and we'll be set.