slow day, but It was one creek to remember

Rainbow shop went to a trip while ice and snow still melting. Although it was supposed to be a good fishing a week before, the day was slow. With so my castings, there were no answer. After moving around a few different part of creek, I had some attempt of biting and that was still cool. At the end of day just two people were able to catch one cherry trout each, and it was only by particular selection of nymph hook. There was some change of weather and other external effects that resulted slow fishing that day, but the creek was most beautiful to remember.


  1. hey! who's that white boy among them asians?!

    looking good mrlee. I'm still waiting to see you holding that giant lenok or fatty cherry.

  2. With good friends and
    beautiful fish…
    It's a beautiful travel.

  3. mrlee actually is more Korean than some of us. He just loves Korean soybean soup and kimchi.

    신박사님과 조만간 같이 또 하나의 신나는 낚시여행을 갈 것을 기대하고 있습니다.

  4. Damn, mrlee started to look like us as I didn't realize he was in the picture until you guys mentioned about him.