A while ago, when I was fishing in Catskill, I ran into Donald who is a super nice guy who happens to be a dry fly purist. Donald had been fishing since 1995. However, he only fish a few time a year exclusively Beaverkill and Willowemoc. He told me that he had been in dry spell for the last 5 years and really like to catch a trout as well as try different region.

I invited Donald over to the Jersey side over the weekend and show him how the non-purist do things in the dark side.

Off the bet, the things were difficult for Donald as we couldn't match the hatch as no bugs are to be found.

I immediately switch to nymph set up with an evil dropper rig and started to catch trout and got Donald's attention.

I cautiously approached Donald and offered him my underwater flies along with a strike indicator and spent about 5 minutes explaining the roll cast.

It was weird seeing a nymph rig on a custom bamboo rod but Donald caught trouts with it, all three species the Big Flatbrook river has to offer.

Donald, you did good and welcome to the darkside !!! Mwah haha ha ha!!!


Adirondack Streams

Last week, my family went out for little fishing and hiking in Adirondack. It seems like the region suffered from all the rains we've had in the NE area. All the waters are flooded and people are having problem doing the spring chores.

Finally able to check out some of streams I've been eyeing over the years. More than anything, it was good to be out with the whole family.



an excellent example of music & video done well.

Night Time Tarpon Fly Fishing from Fish Porn on Vimeo.



I found this nice little thing on line so I added a fly to the image.


old stuff

As I periodically clean out my fishing stuff, I run across a lot of old fishing stuff that I bought when I had just started fishing (mostly lure fishing things). I keep them around because I think that my kids might use them one day, or maybe I'll find somewhere to donate them but they mostly just hang around... I remember buying all this stuff, excited & imagining that I'll catch all this big fish. Looking at them makes me smile.


I met the lenok.

recently I met the lenok.
not big but it's small and cute.
I like the lenok, because of the beautiful color and
looks innocent.


Preparing to Start Fly Fishing in Northern California:

Now I am getting ready to do some fly fishing in Northern California, I feel like I am starting fly fishing all over again from the start. Maybe because I haven’t been out there yet, but type of flies and where to go, I feel I am kind of new to all these. Recently, I’ve been tying and some flies with the information from local fly shops and I also have been making some notes of different spots to fish. I can’t wait to go out there to share some stories with all my friends.

Since I decided to ship over all of my fly fishing stuff and couldn't wait until they get here, I had to go out and purchase some of the tools and material to do some tying for California water. At same time, I did tried making some tools for temporary use.


for the summer

be a gentleman this summer.


variety mix big

I fished a lake (Diamond Lake) near my home and was surprised to find a mix bag of fish show up. Depending on what fly I throw and how fast the retrieve was, a different fish came up. The bigger bass looked like he was caught a few times, had scars to show for it. Sometimes you have to appreciate the variety.

크지는 않아도, 가지 가지 종류별로 고기가 나오는 Diamond 호수는 그 나름대로 재미가 있습니다. 동내에서 낚시할수 있는것이 행복중에 하나 입니다.


Sweet Indiana ...

I paid a visit to my friends Mike & Denise at their Indiana home the past couple of days. I have never been to their Indiana home but Mike let me know that there was a lake on the property and for me to bring my fishing stuff. I expected a small pond in front the house, but instead, I found 3 separate, fish-perfect sized lakes. I knew the property was big, but I didn't expect lakes of such size, and man were the fish hungry.

Since the lakes are located in the middle of the property and one has to cross a lot of private land (the property is a few hundred acres) to get to the lakes, my guess was that no one has fly fished these lakes in a long time, if ever. These innocent bass and bluegills took the poppers with such ferocity I found myself startled each time they came to strike. The blue gills were fastest gills I have seen and fought like champions (chunky little things). The bass were good sized, acrobatic, and jumping hard till the end. I drifted around for hours on the first and second lake, and left the third and largest lake for the next time. The weather was warm and the mosquitoes were just starting to get active.

Denise & Mike grows and harvests natural herbs, vegetables, and even gets their eggs from the free ranging chickens. Denise cooked up some pretty delicious entrees at each meal and I cannot thank her enough for her kindness. She also fishes often and pointed out the spots for me to target first ... true to her words, the spots she pointed out turned out the be where the biggest bass hung out. We fished plenty, built a floating dock, and kicked back in the afternoon with a cold one and felt summer arriving with the breeze. We even went down the hill to shoot a few rounds off the old revolver & I understood what a good feeling it is ... to have private space. I thought about what else would make the days perfect, and nothing came to mind...I like moments like that.

Summer is here guys, I hope you will enjoy all that it has to offer. Have a great weekend.