Adirondack Streams

Last week, my family went out for little fishing and hiking in Adirondack. It seems like the region suffered from all the rains we've had in the NE area. All the waters are flooded and people are having problem doing the spring chores.

Finally able to check out some of streams I've been eyeing over the years. More than anything, it was good to be out with the whole family.


  1. FF - it's good to see a smile on Patty's face again. Looks like a beautiful place. Look at the tail on the second to last rainbow - I always think that wild trout has larger tail, but I'n not sure if that's a correct indication.

  2. Oh, wonderful place,
    especially with the family

    The most pleasant time for me is when I'm with all of my family like that place.
    Besides, hooked beautiful rainbow and brown ...

    I'm just so envy you...ㅎㅎ

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