On the Lee of Mount JIri-san

This past weekend we loaded up the whole family for our first ever trip down to Jeolla-do to the sides of Jiri-san mountain. On several recommendations we ate, slept, and fished in Hadong county, probably one of the more beautiful places I have been to in Korea. Once we arrived the trip was wonderful, we stayed in a traditional Hanok style guest house, ate fresh water crab chigae, and my wife let me explore up a cascading mountain stream coming off the side of the mountain. The travel to and from, however, will forever lock the location away as an experience probably never seen again. I touched the spirit of the mountain, felt her breeze, ate with her people, and communed with her sprites. Thank you Jiri-san and thank you James for sharing.....

Furry legs and all.

Sleep tight, I promise not to crawl into your ear

On the stream of the cave worshipping Adjumas

Little cherries and mayflies

Find THIS pool.


  1. it's beautiful...the trip, the fish in your hands, the family together...the sun shines ahead mrlee.

  2. mrlee, I was wondering what you were up to lately. I am glad that you had a chance to travel with your family on top of that it was extra fabulous that you were able to fish in beautiful mountain.

  3. family + mountain + fish = happiness.

  4. mrlee!

    you had a good time with your family in korea.
    mt.jiri is very beautiful in the fall. you look so good and happy.

    You seem to be a good father.

  5. thank you sir. i hope we all fish together soon!

  6. That's good that you were able to go out there. I hope your mother had a great time in Korea.

  7. looks pretty sweet lee. at least you're not working 20hr days all the time.