Sweet Indiana ...

I paid a visit to my friends Mike & Denise at their Indiana home the past couple of days. I have never been to their Indiana home but Mike let me know that there was a lake on the property and for me to bring my fishing stuff. I expected a small pond in front the house, but instead, I found 3 separate, fish-perfect sized lakes. I knew the property was big, but I didn't expect lakes of such size, and man were the fish hungry.

Since the lakes are located in the middle of the property and one has to cross a lot of private land (the property is a few hundred acres) to get to the lakes, my guess was that no one has fly fished these lakes in a long time, if ever. These innocent bass and bluegills took the poppers with such ferocity I found myself startled each time they came to strike. The blue gills were fastest gills I have seen and fought like champions (chunky little things). The bass were good sized, acrobatic, and jumping hard till the end. I drifted around for hours on the first and second lake, and left the third and largest lake for the next time. The weather was warm and the mosquitoes were just starting to get active.

Denise & Mike grows and harvests natural herbs, vegetables, and even gets their eggs from the free ranging chickens. Denise cooked up some pretty delicious entrees at each meal and I cannot thank her enough for her kindness. She also fishes often and pointed out the spots for me to target first ... true to her words, the spots she pointed out turned out the be where the biggest bass hung out. We fished plenty, built a floating dock, and kicked back in the afternoon with a cold one and felt summer arriving with the breeze. We even went down the hill to shoot a few rounds off the old revolver & I understood what a good feeling it is ... to have private space. I thought about what else would make the days perfect, and nothing came to mind...I like moments like that.

Summer is here guys, I hope you will enjoy all that it has to offer. Have a great weekend.


  1. hells yeah. them ditch pickles look hungry

  2. It’s good to see that you have a great friend and good point.


  3. what a perfect place to live. I now know why Mike is out there.

  4. 난 한국에 계곡이 더 부러운데...

  5. 그건 또 다른 천국이고.