teasers from Mongolia....

My friend S.H. Yoo (flycaster2000) sent me a few teaser shots from fall trips in Mongolia. He also sent me a detailed month by month trip details and what one can expect during the months between May - Oct. S.H was recently in Korea for a few weeks and has just returned back to China & Mongolia, where he works and lives.


  1. Dear Friend YH,
    This is SH. How are you?
    Now i am in Ulaanbaatar office,Mongolia & setting up several matters for exploring drift trip from upper Eg river to our camp. it might be a little bit tough,but this might be real adventure what i expect. Hopefully good weather during my exploring fishing trip. I will try to keep picture for wild nature & Taimen for you.

  2. Hi SH! Good to hear from you. I'll be spending most of my summer in Seoul so if you come, please let me know. I can't wait to see the photos from your adventure. Hopefully I will join you soon. Have a safe trip and take a lot of photos!