A while ago, when I was fishing in Catskill, I ran into Donald who is a super nice guy who happens to be a dry fly purist. Donald had been fishing since 1995. However, he only fish a few time a year exclusively Beaverkill and Willowemoc. He told me that he had been in dry spell for the last 5 years and really like to catch a trout as well as try different region.

I invited Donald over to the Jersey side over the weekend and show him how the non-purist do things in the dark side.

Off the bet, the things were difficult for Donald as we couldn't match the hatch as no bugs are to be found.

I immediately switch to nymph set up with an evil dropper rig and started to catch trout and got Donald's attention.

I cautiously approached Donald and offered him my underwater flies along with a strike indicator and spent about 5 minutes explaining the roll cast.

It was weird seeing a nymph rig on a custom bamboo rod but Donald caught trouts with it, all three species the Big Flatbrook river has to offer.

Donald, you did good and welcome to the darkside !!! Mwah haha ha ha!!!


  1. Ha! Nice. As I read, I was trying to recall the feeling of discovering/ adding nymphing to my own set of tool box for the first time... like suddenly having ability to cover all the depths of the water below and all the fish in it. I love watching the dry fly drift and raising a fish, but man do I love watching that indicator go down. Great photos.

  2. just dont tell him he's really bait fishing

  3. All it took was the indicator go down and he was thoroughly hooked.