I met the lenok.

recently I met the lenok.
not big but it's small and cute.
I like the lenok, because of the beautiful color and
looks innocent.


  1. Great close-up images! I miss meeting lenok in Korea creek. Dr.Shin, I hope you leave some for me to meet next time.

  2. looks great. nice photos. river looks like alot of rain recently

  3. 정말 보면 볼수록 사진이 멋지네요...

  4. thanks you guys,
    we had a lot of rain recently,
    but the water is clean and good conditions for fishing,
    so I caught some lenoks.

    and I got a fishing rod and reel as a present from
    my flyfishing friend, his name is Wadanabe.
    he lives in hokkaido.
    lately he visited seoul with his fishing friends.
    I think it’s about eighty years old now
    and very beautiful reel. thanks for him.

    Jonathan !
    I left some lenok for you.....ㅎㅎ
    Come with me!

    and gone fishing
    I received your e-mail last week.
    I'll try to make it, thanks

  5. 몇시간 셋팅해도 나오기 힘든 사진들 같네요.멋져요.

  6. CharlesTheFishFinder님
    아이고 .... 민망합니다...ㅎㅎ